Why achieving censorship is important to the centralized media establishment

This is a partial reprinting of “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded,” available at this link (PDF).

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded (i.e. “The Adams Report”)

The blueprint for how tech giants covertly silence online speech, and how America can fight back against corporate tech monopolists

The purpose of controlled news is to influence and engineer the narratives that form the beliefs and even the “fabric of reality” for news consumers. One of the reasons corrupt government universally exerts dominance over its own national media is because whoever controls the news controls “reality.” That reality is shaped, twisted and sometimes fabricated entirely from scratch by controlled media outlets which universally declare themselves to be the sole arbiters of truth in any given society. Losing control of the narrative means losing control over society.

Since the rise of the internet — a disruptive new structure of connectivity that achieved mass decentralization of information — the controlled news monopolies have lost their position of dominant control over the narratives of society. This means they no longer command absolute authority over the “narrative” interpretation of real-world events, so their ability to distort or misrepresent those events for their own political control is rapidly eroding. This was all underscored with the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 election — an outcome that could never have occurred without independent, decentralized media achieving prominent influence on the ‘net.

Maintaining monopoly control over cultural narratives is crucial for commanding primary influence over the worldview held by news consumers, whose beliefs, opinions and “realities” are largely shaped by the news to which they are subjected.

Censorship is the primary weapon being invoked by media monopolists to destroy their competition and regain an authoritative monopoly over the concept known as “news” (which is, technically, a series of scripted narratives authored to achieve specific psychological goals, not anything resembling an intellectually honest representation of relevant events in the real world).

To accomplish this censorship, both media monopolists (i.e. CNN, WashPost, etc.) and tech giants (Google, Facebook, etc.) pursue a wide assortment of malicious techniques to deplatform, shadow ban, smear, disconnect or otherwise down-rank selected independent media publishers that threaten their news dominance. Many of these methods are pursued covertly, and they are all pursued with virtually zero regulatory oversight or restriction.

This report outlines those tactics and mechanisms, including both technical and psychological censorship weapons now deployed by Google, Facebook, YouTube, CNN, the New York Times and others.

What is “news?”

To fully understand the censorship strategies leveled against independent news publishers by the news establishment, we must first understand the definition of “news.”

The false assertion of establishment news — the public front — claims that news is an accurate, unbiased reporting of real-world events which are relevant to the lives of news consumers. According to establishment news propagandists, they never insert themselves into the news, and they don’t manipulate the news. They merely report “facts” without any bias whatsoever, and they claim to have no hidden agendas or ulterior motives whatsoever.

In reality, “news” is the primary conduit through which narratives / stories are implanted into the consciousness of news consumers. These stories shape the way people think, talk and behave in society. They even shape the way people vote, revealing the real priority of the left-leaning news establishment. The label of “news” is simply the cover story for what might be more accurately called a “national suggestion / influence campaign” which deliberately works to influence public opinion, distort the perception of real-world events, manipulate the minds of viewers and achieve hidden political goals such as promoting transgenderism, banning the Second Amendment or abolishing America’s border security (as current event examples).

Because the very premise of “news” claimed by the media establishment is fraudulent, the idea that they magically possess a divine monopoly on “truth” is absurd.

Because the very premise of “news” as reported by the establishment media today (CNN, WashPost, etc.) is fraudulent, the idea that these very same organizations have a magical, divine monopoly on “truth” is intellectually null and void. Simply put, nearly everything broadcast in America today under the banner of establishment “news” is better described as propaganda with a hidden purpose.

For example, during the 2016 campaign, establishment news sources widely reported on distorted political polls which claimed to show that Hillary Clinton would easily win the election. By reporting on the manipulated polls (which were later shown to deliberately over-sample Democrats by enormous margins), the “news” media hoped to create the false impression that practically everyone in America was voting for Hillary Clinton and that Trump had no chance whatsoever to win.

Under the guise of “news,” the real purpose of this psychological campaign was to deflate Trump supporters and dissuade them from wasting their time “voting for a candidate who was doomed to lose anyway.” This is just one example among thousands of how the so-called “news” media is actually a social manipulation and propaganda platform.

Irrefutable truths of news gathering and reporting

In attacking the independent media, centralized news monopolists pretend that the following irrefutable truths about news gathering and reporting do not exist:

1) All news institutions make mistakes from time to time

Because news is gathered and reported by human beings who are not immune to mistakes, all news institutions will make mistakes from time to time. This is universally acknowledged across all media, yet the controlled media monopolists selectively insist that independent media may not ever make a single error, or they will be forever accused of publishing “fake news.”

2) All news institutions make editorial decisions that are filtered through human psychology and are therefore biased at their moment of origin

Because news publishing decisions are filtered through human psychology, they are inherently biased. There is no such thing as a human being who has not experienced the world from their own self-absorbed point of view. This speaks to the root philosophical question of, “What is reality?”

In truth, no human being has a monopoly on reality. All humans, including those in the monopoly media establishment, carry distortions in their worldview. Thus, even if those individuals attempt a perfect record of unbiased, accurate news reporting, they will inadvertently make editorial decisions that are filtered through their own distorted worldview (including decisions of stories to avoid covering, not just editorial angles on stories that are being covered).

Leftists assign to themselves the imaginary quality that pretends they alone are able to see the world with God-like clarity, absent any distortions or opinions whatsoever. In pretending to be God, they reveal themselves to be fools.

The assertion by CNN that their news editors have superhuman abilities to eliminate all bias and view the entire world with God-like accuracy is as absurd as Peter Strzok testifying before Congress that he never allowed his “F##k Trump” attitude to creep into his official duties at the FBI. This imaginary quality that Leftists ascribe solely to themselves — that they alone see the world with God-like clarity and truth — is the height of self-delusion and arrogance. Yet it has become the default position of news monopolists, and it forms the basis for their accusations that others are engaged in “fake news” while they, themselves, possess the divine right to determine “real news.”

This self-delusion by media monopolists is extremely dangerous to society. It is part of what makes CNN the “enemy of America,” as President Trump has accurately stated. When an institution believes it is not merely above the law but also above all judgment because it defines reality, that institution has plunged down the path of dogmatic self-denial that can only lead to destructive outcomes for all those involved.

Never forget that the central assertion of media monopolists is that independent media is incapable of being as “authoritative” as they are, because they alone possess the unique, divine, superhuman power of omniscience, yet they remain utterly incapable of explaining how they were able to achieve such powers or why those powers repeatedly fail as demonstrated by their repeated news errors and corrections.

Does a reporter magically gain omniscience immediately upon being added to the CNN payroll? The idea is, of course, absurd. Yet this is precisely what CNN asserts it is somehow able to achieve. This assertion, of course, must be made with the extreme intellectual dishonesty that comes from knowing that CNN itself makes repeated, egregious errors in its own reporting. Occasionally, it even corrects such errors.

In essence, media monopolists claim they are gods who possess the divine right to interpret reality for the masses. This claim smacks of journo-cultism, as it is no different from the delusions of the high priests of ancient Maya or Aztec cultures, who also proclaimed that only a select class of divinely-ordained individuals could speak to God and interpret reality for the masses. In many cases, they then kidnapped children, stabbed them in the heart and threw them down the stone stairs of elaborate pyramids in a visually stunning “sacrifice” that demanded absolute obedience and conformity among the stunned masses. Today, CNN essentially demands the same power and obedience, but instead of sacrificing just a few children, anti-truth news organizations like CNN and the anti-America Washington Post are willing to sacrifice our entire nation in their quest for absolute power and universal obedience among the masses.

The very fabric of our society is now being deliberately sacrificed by media and tech monopolists in their desperate, destructive quest to regain narrative control at any cost.

3) A more legitimate definition of “fake news” should be rooted in the principle of the intention of the people producing their news

If a news institution intends to produce accurate news, but makes a mistake and accidentally publishes news with an error, is that “fake news?” Of course not: That’s legitimate journalism with an occasional error. When such errors are committed by established news monopolists, those errors are universally considered to be innocent and excusable, because they are eventually (but not always) corrected.

Yet when such errors are made by independent media outlets, and then corrected, such organizations are forever smeared by the news monopolists with labels of “fake news,” repeatedly referring to the original error as a prime example of the fakery of the news organization.

News monopolists assert that they alone possess a divine right to commit an unlimited number of factual errors, even while claiming that a single error found in the independent media proves them to forever engaged in “fake news.”

This double standard is, of course, unfair by design. In essence, established news monopolists believe that they alone have a divine right to make an unlimited number of errors (usually on the front page) and then correct them later (in small print on page five), while they simultaneously believe that error corrections issued by independent news organizations should never be recognized at all.

The classic example of this gross double standard is the media’s incessant accusation against Alex Jones of InfoWars, claiming that he stated no one died at Sandy Hook. While early reporting by Jones could have been interpreted by reasonable people as inferring that conclusion, Jones has since repeatedly and wholly corrected the record on that front and has publicly offered to meet with the parents of the children who were killed in order to apologize to them in person. To the knowledge of this author, there is not a single news monopolist organization that has reported Jones’ apology nor his offer to meet with the parents and apologize to them in person. Not surprisingly, the primary attack on Jones’ reputation continues to consist of accusations that he claimed no children died at Sandy Hook, even though he has repeatedly and thoroughly retracted any such claim.

Accepting the corrections of independent news organizations, of course, would eliminate the “fake news” narrative that CNN uses as a weapon to call for the outright banning of InfoWars. The assertion is that InfoWars must never be allowed to correct any news report, but that CNN, WashPost, NYT and other outlets are universally allowed to publish stories containing serious factual errors, even if they never bother to prominently correct them at all. For example, where is the Washington Post apology to President Trump for repeatedly and falsely accusing him of conspiring with the Russians to steal the election?

CNN, as another example, never reports that the Washington Post is fake news, even though WashPost has been repeatedly caught publishing stories containing documented, serious factual errors rooted in sloppy journalism and an utter disregard for any serious fact-checking. The Washington Post, for example, had to forfeit a Pulitzer Prize after being caught utterly fabricating the entire article series which earned the prize in the first place (https://www.naturalnews.com/056196_Washington_Post_fake_news_Pulitzer_Prize.html).

A short list of Washington Post news fakery can be found at:


A far more detailed list of documented media lies, propaganda and deliberate fake news has been published by independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson. See all 55 mistakes, most of which have never been retracted or corrected, at this link:

55 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

Notably, the very organizations who claim the independent media is engaged in “fake news” are, themselves, the worst offenders who traffic in such deceptions. CNN and WashPost, for example, deliberately distort reporting on events, fabricate fake “anonymous sources,” selectively bury news stories they don’t want the public to see, and engage in a long list of other dishonest, deceptive activities that clearly qualify their organizations as being engaged in fake news.

CNN, for example, repeatedly fakes the locations of reporters, using green screen chroma key background replacements that mislead viewers or situating two reporters on the opposite sides of a parking lot while pretending they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. (https://www.infowars.com/cnn-anchors-pretend-theyre-having-a-satellite-interview-even-though-theyre-in-the-same-parking-lot/)

If Facebook were to ban any organizations for repeatedly engaging in fake news, CNN and the Washington Post would, by any reasonable definition, be at the very top of that list. Similarly, if Google News abided by any realistic standards of journalistic integrity, both CNN and the Washington Post would have to be permanently banned.

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