NYT pushes junk science “racism” study that falsely claims systemic racism causes wealthy black people to lose all their money

The mainstream media simply refuses to stop stoking the flames of racial tension and hatred between blacks and whites. This time it’s The New York Times (NYT), which recently published an in-depth article about a completely bogus study that, in typical liberal form, blames white people for the failures of black people.

Researchers from Stanford University, Harvard University, and the United States Census Bureau basically compiled a bunch of data, removed what didn’t fit their agenda, and came to the “conclusion” that even when black families make good money, their sons oftentimes fail to do well later in life – and it’s all somehow whitey’s fault.

According to The Times, young black men admittedly don’t do as well in life as young white men, period – regardless of income, social status, and other factors. Even black boys raised in well-to-do families who should be prepared to launch with success often fail to make smart decisions when they finally leave the nest, while white boys who come from similar backgrounds tend to do better, on average.

It’s something that, had these social scientists been genuinely interested in finding the truth, likely would have led them to the real culprits of modern-day black culture in America: The lack of black fathers and the damage this causes to nuclear black families. But no, they instead took the opportunity to bash people with light-colored skin, a.k.a. everyone’s favorite whipping post these days.

“According to the Times, young black men lag behind young white men not because of behavioral differences, but because of widespread American racism,” writes Ben Shapiro for The Daily Wire, noting that high crime rates in black communities, affirmative action policies, and other factors are among the real contributors.

Even Barack Obama, of all people, condemned the black community for claiming that proper language and education are “white” traits

Shapiro makes some good points about how black women also do better than black men, but that nobody is calling them out for being racist against blacks – considering they’re black themselves. He also highlights statistics showing that Asian people of both sexes perform better than both whites and blacks, but that nobody is accusing them of holding back the black man.

Interestingly, even Barack Obama has had a thing or two to say about black culture’s own contributions to the failures of black people. One of these is the ridiculous claim by many black people that a black person who’s already, or is on the verge of becoming, successful is somehow acting “white” – the suggestion being that black people have to be poor and unsuccessful in order to truly be “black.”

“Children can’t achieve unless we raise their expectations and turn off the television sets and eradicate the slander that says a black youth with a book is acting white,” Obama once stated, condemning this type of mindset.

“There’s an element of truth [in the accusation that too many black parents denigrate education], where, OK, if boys are reading too much, then, well, why are you doing that? Or why are you speaking so properly?” Obama added, referring to a fixation among many lower-class blacks that refusing to speak “Ebonics” and reading literature is somehow betraying one’s black “roots.”

Black culture itself – and particularly the lack of successful black role models – is the true detriment of young black males who want to rise from the ranks and put down the shackles, but feel intimidated from doing so because of their black peers. But the study that The Times wrote about says none such thing, because doing so would be politically incorrect, of course.

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