Fake economist Paul Krugman falsely claims cholera outbreak in Puerto Rico in lame attempt to smear President Trump

The Alt-Left’s attacks on President Donald J. Trump are taking on an even nastier tone as these disgusting human beings continue to try and separate him from his widening base of support.

Most of the time the things Leftists attempt to smear Trump with are complete fabrications, and of course in those cases the main culprits are so-called “journalists” and “reporters” from the establishment media.

One of the latest attempts to blatantly lie about the president came from “economist” and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who — as reported by The Daily Caller — attempted to blame Trump for a non-existent outbreak of cholera in post-Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico, as if the island’s inhabitants didn’t have enough to deal with already.

Krugman, an anti-Trump political antagonist who often refers to the president with the derogatory phrase “Trumpie,” claimed on Twitter recently that the fake cholera outbreak had spread through the U.S. territory which was devastated by Maria, a Category 4 behemoth that wiped out the island’s already-dilapidated power grid and left neighborhoods flooded. (Related: Trump lets loose on San Juan mayor after she criticized administration’s hurricane relief efforts.)

The Daily Caller noted further:

Like many liberals, Krugman has claimed that Trump has failed to respond adequately to the storm, which has left Puerto Rico’s power grid in shambles and many of its citizens without sufficient drinking water and fuel.

But while cholera often appears in areas with poor sanitation and without clean drinking water, the disease has not yet appeared on the island. That didn’t stop Krugman from claiming that it had.

Krugman tweeted, “Cholera. In a US territory. Among US citizens. In the 21st century. Heckuva job, Trumpie.”

Only, as this idiot later had to admit, the “outbreak” hadn’t happened at all.

“OK, cholera not confirmed. Conjunctivitis yes; lack of clean water (situation worsening, not improving) makes it a risk. But not certain,” he later tweeted.

Yes, well, being “at risk” of something is of course far, far different than actually experiencing something.

After all, we are “at risk” of being struck by a meteor, having to wait in a bathroom line at a sporting event, and having to endure another stupid lie from Paul Krugman — even if we’re not actually affected by those problems yet.

But Krugman — knowing how the Twitterverse knee-jerk responds and re-shares things before daring to verify them — may have known that his initial tweet was erroneous, but that it would be picked up as “news” (it was) and shared widely (it was) before anyone realized what he said was BS.

Then, of course, the retraction doesn’t make it quite so far in the Twitterverse because the lie fit his followers’ narrative of Trump, true or not, and they wouldn’t dare correct the record.

Case in point: As of this writing, his “correction” was “liked” 1,685 times and retweeted 601 times; his original accusation, by comparison, was “liked” 32,781 times and retweeted 14,772 times.

So the lie becomes the truth to thousands of people, who then share it with thousands more…and so on. Another Trump fabrication becomes real.

The fact is, Trump’s response to the Puerto Rican disaster was widely praised — by the island’s governor and officials from previous administrations — much as the Trump administration’s response to two previous storms, Hurricanes Harvey, which struck Houston, and Irma, which struck Florida.

“I’ve been looking into this pretty carefully,” said former Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services Tevi Troy, as The National Sentinel reported. “The truth is that FEMA — if you look at this in retrospect, we may find that FEMA did a more Herculean task, in some ways in Maria, in terms of the distance they had to travel, the amount of logistics they had to bring, and the propping up of the local response effort. So I think in time we may actually praise FEMA to some degree because they had to do more here than in the Harvey situation.”

The Trump administration has done a fabulous job in responding to a quick succession of massive storms that have had devastating impacts on millions of Americans. All Krugman has done to help is clog up the Internet with anti-Trump BS while breathing valuable air.

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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