Undercover video exposing CNN LIES about Trump-Russia “collusion” proves network should lose White House privileges AND be cut from Google, Facebook news feeds

Shortly after Donald J. Trump had the bad taste to upset the Washington establishment by actually beating Hillary Clinton last fall, one of the first false narratives of many to be created by the sore losers in the media was that the billionaire businessman had to have been helped by some unseen, insidious force.

The Washington Post was the first major media outlet racing to Clinton’s defense. It published a story claiming that Russia had ‘planted’ fake news stories promoting Trump and trashing Clinton on more than 200 websites, including our flagship site, NaturalNews.com. But within a day the story had been completely debunked, itself becoming fake news.

Nevertheless, other Clinton-supporting major media publishers and news aggregators like Google and Facebook quickly picked up the Post’s fake story and regurgitated it as though it were gospel, to the point of developing new policies aimed at pulling so-called “fake news” from their popular, well-trafficked news feeds.

Within days of Clinton’s election loss, both companies announced their intention to, as The New York Times phrased it, “take aim at fake news sites” after they faced “mounting criticism” from angry Left-wingers shocked and upset that Clinton didn’t win. Their strategy revolved around removing said sites’ news from their feeds and limiting revenue feeds.

What this effort has really turned out to be is a hit job against conservative and independent media that reported honestly on Clinton and Democrats in general.

Meanwhile, as the media behemoths target alternative media sites, they have both done little to stop real fake news that is constantly being generated by so-called “mainstream” media companies like the Times, the Post and, especially, CNN. Their stories continue to make top news aggregation feeds and get star listings on some of the Internet’s most valuable real estate, despite the fact that many of them are provably false.

CNN especially is becoming a case study in fake news. On Tuesday, Project Veritas, an undercover investigative media organization founded by conservative activist James O’Keefe, released a video featuring a top CNN producer claiming that endless allegations made by his network that the president somehow “colluded” with Moscow to “steal the election” from Clinton are mostly “bulls**t.”

In other words, the allegations are untrue because there isn’t any hard evidence to support them and given all of the leaking about Team Trump coming from Deep State operatives and Obama holdovers, if the evidence of collusion existed it would have come out by now.

Here’s the complete undercover video, in which the producer, John Bonifield, also says that he agrees with Trump — that so much fake news regarding him (and which CNN is largely responsible for) — is like a “witch hunt:”

Just last week CNN published a story falsely claiming that a former campaign official, Anthony Scaramucci, a member of the transition team’s executive committee, as well as a fundraiser and adviser for the president’s campaign, was under congressional investigation. The network had to fully retract it, and the three staffers who worked on it have resigned: Lex Harris, executive editor of CNN’s investigative unit; Thomas Frank, who wrote the story; and Eric Lichtblau, who edited it. (RELATED: The REAL Terrorists: “Mainstream” Media Continues To Incite Violence Against Trump With Its Hate-Filled Rhetoric)

So where are Facebook, Google and the other news media aggregators today pledging to “take aim” at CNN for its continual fake news regarding the Trump administration? After admitting that your own network’s Trump narratives are “bulls**t” and getting caught again publishing demonstrably fake news about the administration, shouldn’t Facebook and Google executives be all over this, as they promised to be after the election, to punish CNN by removing the network from news feeds?

I sure think so. And I also happen to agree with Paul Joseph Watson over at Infowars, who says the White House now has every right to pull CNN’s press corps credentials because the network can’t be trusted to report accurately on the administration.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.






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