“Mainstream” media lives in ALTERNATE universe where Obama never did anything wrong and Seth Rich wasn’t murdered for leaking DNC emails to Wikileaks

Those working for the disgusting and discredited “mainstream” media continue to prove they are living in a different dimension — an alternative universe if you will — than rational, thinking Americans. And what’s really pathetic is that far too many of our fellow citizens who are smart enough to know better have followed them into the depths of the surreal.

The latest example occurred just this week, and it relates to coverage of the cowardly ISIS attack on helpless parents and children attending an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

While Fox News dutifully pre-empted regularly scheduled programming to cover the horrific attack that killed at least 22 and injured 119 more, the far-Left “mainstream” cable news programming on MSNBC and CNN couldn’t interrupt their phony baloney Trump-Russia collusion narrative long enough to do their journalistic duty.

As reported by News Busters, an affiliate of the Media Research Center, the latter two networks devoted 1 hour, four minutes and 35 seconds to President Donald J. Trump’s overseas trip and his alleged request, per the Washington Post, to intelligence community leaders that they deny any such collusion exists. They only dedicated a little more than 50 minutes to the Manchester coverage.

Fox News, meanwhile, “dedicated the entire commercial-free hour to Manchester with a combination of blocks with usual co-host Martha MacCallum, lead breaking news anchor Shepard Smith, and simulcasting United Kingdom’s Sky News,” News Busters reported.

That kind of slanted coverage was evident earlier in the year as well, when the “mainstream” media gave near wall-to-wall coverage of the “women’s march” against Trump a few days after his Jan. 20 inauguration, while given short shrift to the Women’s March for Life. In fact, as the Washington Times reported, the MSM gave the Women’s March 129 times more coverage.

But that’s just it: The dishonest MSM lives in another world than ordinary Americans who aren’t driven insane by Trump Derangement Syndrome, and who refuse to believe the nonsensical garbage that passes for “anonymous” reporting on a presidency that the Washington establishment — in the media and in Congress — has sworn to destroy.

Take Barack Obama, for instance. For eight years the same media gave him a pass on every single scandal — Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the trillion-dollar stimulus that didn’t create private-sector jobs, the Obamacare lies, and so on — but now hyper-focuses on every single thing Trump does or says, using “anonymous sources” to report every single revelation as a ‘bombshell.’

And yet, despite innuendo after innuendo, claim after claim, allegation after allegation that Trump and the Russians did something together to “steal” the election from a Democratic candidate who actually got more popular votes, there is still nothing in terms of hard evidence to prove any of it. In fact, the “Russia narrative” has evolved over just a few short months:

— First, it was some previously unknown shadowy “research” organization claiming that Moscow duped more than 200 websites into publishing pro-Trump/anti-Clinton propaganda, a claim that was roundly refuted, sort-of retracted by the Post, and yet still regurgitated even today.

— Next, we were told U.S. intelligence agencies “unanimously agreed” that the Russians interfered to help Trump defeat Clinton, but nobody has produced any evidence to prove that — and given the leaky nature of the Deep State these days, if that evidence existed, it would have been made public months ago.

— Next, it was “Trump and Russia “colluded” to knock off Hillary, because — you know — Vladimir Putin hates her.


This is the same comic media that is so wedded to its Russia-Trump collusion nonsense it refuses to acknowledge that Russia also was not behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee, it was an inside job — Seth Rich reportedly leaked the documents to WikiLeaks.

Far too many Americans are falling for this nonsense — and that’s what it is, nothing more than Trump-hating nonsense.

Were Barack Obama to have gotten such scrutiny, it’s hard telling where his presidency might have ended up.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.






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