Facebook “fact checkers” REVOLT after realizing they’ve been used to push propaganda

Trouble continues to brew for Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook after a slew of company “fact checkers” recently came forward to say that they’re no longer going to function as minions of propaganda to censor truth on the global social media platform.

According to reports, these individuals were under the impression that their job was to identify actual fake news in order to flag it for removal from Facebook. But what they came to realize is that they were merely being used by Zuckerberg and his deep state cronies to remove truthful information from the platform that contradicts the official narrative.

Speaking on behalf of those participating in this revolt, Brooke Binkowski, a former editor at the fake news gatekeeper Snopes, told the media that she and others have completely “lost trust” in Facebook – especially after it was discovered that Facebook has done little or nothing to combat actual fake news.

“They’ve essentially used us for crisis PR,” Binkowski reportedly told The Guardian. “We were just collateral damage,” she added, referring to Facebook’s phony intentions to stop alleged Russian interference in U.S. elections via social media.

Facebook exposed for actually FUNDING fake news propaganda

A major point of contention involves Facebook’s collusion with propaganda groups that it hired to create fake news about globalist operative and agitator George Soros. It is now known that Facebook engaged in “questionable damage control techniques” that involved pushing Soros conspiracy theories – meaning Facebook was actually spreading, rather than targeting, fake news.

Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, has become a target of investigation after it was put forth that Soros may have been shorting Facebook’s stocks while simultaneously calling the platform a “menace to society.”

“Citing these scandals and general apathy for actually implementing factcheckers’ expertise journalists working in coordination with Facebook are now pushing to end the controversial media partnership which involves established media as well as factchecking outlets like the Associated Press, PolitiFact, FactCheck.org, ABC News, and Snopes acting in tandem with Facebook to flag fake or questionable news,” reveals Zero Hedge about the ongoing controversy.

Fact-checkers say working with Facebook “makes us look bad”

The Soros situation is particularly troubling, seeing as how Facebook has now been exposed for its involvement in tying any and all bad news about Leftists to the billionaire “philanthropist.” Facebook’s former fact-checkers say they came to realize that the type of fake news they were hired to identify and flag was actually being propagated by Facebook itself.

When Binkowski and others tried to bring these inconsistencies up to their superiors, it all fell on deaf ears. They were allegedly ignored and told to continue doing what they were hired to do, which many of them could no longer do in good conscience.

As it turns out, Facebook isn’t really in the business of combating actual fake news because it generates large revenue streams for the multinational tech corporation. And as increasingly more Facebook employees come to this realization, they’re systematically abandoning ship because, in their own words, Facebook “makes us look bad.”

“I strongly believe that they are spreading fake news on behalf of hostile foreign powers and authoritarian governments as part of their business model,” Binkowski is quoted as saying.

On at least one occasion, she added, Facebook openly pushed reporters to prioritize debunking misinformation that negatively affected its advertisers, revealing once again that Facebook is more concerned with dollars and cents than it is with preserving the integrity of the information that’s spread via its platform.

“You’re not doing journalism anymore,” Binkowski contends about the situation. “You’re doing propaganda.”

For more news about Big Tech and its collusion with fake news outlets, be sure to check out Faked.news.

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