Evil Google pushing “final solution” to eradicate independent news from the web… FOREVER

In order to salvage the failing mainstream media and stop the public from getting news elsewhere, advertising and search engine behemoth Google plans to invest $300 million into a new algorithm that, for all intents and purposes, threatens to permanently destroy the independent news industry.

Known as the “Google News Initiative,” the program will redirect advertising dollars back to mainstream publishers and away from many up-and-coming news outlets that have broken free from the Wall Street propaganda machine. Google says it will begin to work with publishers to “elevate accuracy, quality content and stem the flow of misinformation and disinformation” – which is just code speak for censorship.

If Google gets its way – and what’s to stop the company at this point? – then you can say goodbye to websites like Natural News that probably won’t make the “cut” in terms of meeting Google’s “truth” standards. Google will quickly become the sole decider in what constitutes “quality journalism,” which it will prop to the top of the search engine list, while everything else will be de-prioritized.

In a statement, Google explained that it plans to work with the “news industry” to combat “fake news” and “build a stronger future for journalism.” And the company is teaming up with legacy names like The Washington Post, The New York Times, Financial Times, and media mogul Gannett Company, Inc. to make that happen.

“The initiative will include a new lab to analyze and parse out what is deemed ‘mis- and disinformation during elections and breaking news moments;’ a fact-checking partnership with Stanford University and corporate media non-profit groups like the Local Media Association and the Poynter Institute; and a new service meant to expedite reader subscriptions to pay-gated news websites, among other new projects,” explains Mint Press News writer Elliott Gabriel about the upcoming changes.

Alleged “Russian meddling” in 2016 presidential election being used as excuse to censor the web

This sudden rush to censor the internet by Google stems in large part from the hysteria over alleged “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton and her hordes of brainwashed supporters somehow convinced themselves that the Kremlin handed the election to Donald Trump, and ever since there’s been a massive push to control the flow of information online in order to prevent this type of scenario from ever again occurring.

Caving to pressure from leftists to “do something!” in response to these made-up allegations, Google has promised to alter its algorithm in order to stifle information that liberals don’t like, while propping up information that they do like. Google will, in essence, become the ministry of propaganda for the left, seeing as how Google maintains a formidable monopoly over digital content.

Meanwhile, independent news outlets like Natural News and many others will continue to see readership traffic directed elsewhere, making it that much more difficult to counter the official narrative of any given issue. The legacy press will once again attain full control over the flow of information, and any information that runs contrary to it will be sanctioned as “fake news” and blocked from turning up in search engine results.

There was a time when former Google and Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt argued that policymakers and others should accept the internet and “allow innovation to flourish” rather than try to stifle it. But now his company is succumbing to corporate and governmental pressures by making it clear that it stands against free speech, and in favor of total government and corporate control over the “news.”

“This new model overwhelmingly favors those who see information and journalism as an article of commerce alone,” adds Gabriel. “It poses a stark threat not only to internet users’ ability to access information, but to the ability of citizens and social movements that hope to interact with, participate in, and wield influence over the political and economic activities that determine our lives and the fate of communities across the world.”

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